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OJB: Can’t read repository file ‘repository.xml’

When getting this error when trying to access a database configured with OJB, then check the XML-files referenced by the repository.xml file. If you find a XML-header then remove it and it should work fine again.

I had the problem when I wanted to dynamically change the repository_database.xml file and then tried to access the MetadataManager, which accessed the configuration file(s).  When I wrote the XML file with the TransformerFactory I had to do the following to remove the header:

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JSP: NoSuchMethodError when accessing

When accessing your website with JSPs and you immediately get the error about not finding some method in class:

then you should check that there are not two different versions of the jasper compiler included.

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Spring: Attribute “xmlns” must be declared for element type “beans”

This happens if you add ‘xmlns’ tags into your application-context file where you define your beans. Also other spring configurations might lead to a similar error. The solution for this is to remove the document type of the xml-file, which should look like this:

Afterwards the error should be gone, since the file is not checked against another definition.

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