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SVN-Repository setup with Apache

To access your local repository from the internet/intranet you need to configure your Apache server.  The module for svn access must be loaded first and afterwards the location and how to access the repository. Edit the http.conf as a super user as following:

Or if you wanna add security access:

Then you should however add the password via the command line:

Restart the web server and you’re done! You should now be able to access your svn repository via the url:

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Spring Injection in JUnit4 – Testcases

If you use maven then you should make sure to have the following dependencies within your pom:

Your test class should look like this:

The ContextConfiguration has to be setup with the spring configuration file, which contains all the beans that can be used for injection.

If you get initialization errors or ClassNotFoundExceptions then you should make sure to have the correct version of your dependencies installed. For JUnit it’s recommended to stick with version 4.4 since the newer versions throw a ClassNotFoundException if you combine your tests with Spring Injection.

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Run Eclipse in JDK-mode

If you wanna use the M2E Plugin (Maven for Eclipse) then you probably came across the error message that you should run you eclipse in a JDK environment instead of a JRE. To do so you have to create a shortcut for your Eclipse application and add to the properties the argument:

It’s not enough to do it inside the eclipse.ini! Moreover you should point to the JDK release within your Eclipse under “Installed JREs”.

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