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Datepicker from UI-Bootstrap with non-US format

When I was trying to use a date format like “dd.MM.yyyy” in a datepicker element from the UI-Bootstrap library then I came across the problem that I couldn’t easily add a date by manual input.

I fixed that by writing a directive, which handles the input differently on that date format. I admit that it looks more like a hack but it works pretty good. Hopefully this functionality will be supported soon! Additionally the popup now closes automatically on “Enter” or “Tab”, which I prefer instead of tabbing through each date-field.


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Add DoubleClick behaviour to ng-grid

If you want to react when double-clicking on a row of a ng-grid in AngularJS, then you can do the following:

  1. Add the following Javascript-File to some dir accessible from your app and don’t forget to load it during startup.

  2. Define a function to handle the double-click and update the grid-options as shown here:

And now have fun :)



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